IntelliJet high-speed commercial inkjet printing system

Gain an Inkjet Advantage

Introducing the IntelliJet Advantage 2200 with HP Brilliant Ink™ Inkjet Printer

BlueCrest, and global strategic partner HP Inc., are pleased to announce the IntelliJet Advantage 2200 with HP Brilliant Ink Printing System. Based on the HP PageWide Advantage with HP Brilliant Ink, the IntelliJet Advantage 2200 provides a combination of greater productivity, consistent, high-quality output and ease of operation to deliver savings and growth opportunities for our clients. As a strategic partner with HP since 2009, BlueCrest provides high quality color, production inkjet printing solutions for many of the highest volume transactional clients across the globe. Get all the facts from the IntelliJet Advantage press release here >.

Why IntelliJet® Advantage 2200?

Color inkjet printing system offers great print quality with improved productivity, form factor and modularity!

  • Fast and reliable
  • Reduce your operating costs
  • Ease of operation and greater reliability
  • Offset-class color output

Meet Every Client SLA.

The IntelliJet Advantage 2200 is an important addition to the family of BlueCrest printing systems and is designed to provide our clients with a competitive advantage by delivering the following:

Impactful Quality

Consistently print industry-leading, offset-class output with HP Brilliant Ink and HDNA for up to 2400 nozzles per inch native resolution with up to 8X nozzle redundancy. Variable print
modes expand the application range.

Advanced Productivity

Reliably meet critical SLA's printing up to 500 feet per minute in color or up to 800 feet per minute in mono to produce up to 62 million color or 90 million mono monthly transactional, trans-promotional, and marketing communications.

Improved Economics

Minimize TCO with a new space efficient, modular platform with a built-in upgrade path. Greater application flexibility allows clients to consolidate transactional, marketing mail and more onto a single platform for growth.

Sustainable Performance

Designed for ease of operation and greater reliability, the built-in output quality management, innovative paper path, modular form-factor help, and improved uptime deliver more throughput per shift. Plus, pigment ink and fluids.


Our clients know BlueCrest as an industry leader in providing solutions for high integrity transactional and client critical communications. In 2022, our clients will use our systems to produce well over 14 billion print impressions. In fact, each business day, BlueCrest printing systems generate over 65 million print impressions.
As the volume of inkjet grows, so does the demand for brand compliant color matching and heavier color applications. We are pleased to add the IntelliJet Advantage 2200 to our portfolio of solutions to help our clients meet this demand, earn more, and grow faster—it’s a real game-changer.

Kevin Marks
Vice President, Global Production Print at BlueCrest

Print Trends

  • Today, operations are managing a broader range of applications including heavier coverage, color and personalization.  They must produce high-quality output while meeting tighter SLA’s.
  • Rising costs of consumables, paper, utilities and square footage are impacting profitability .  Need to lower cost per impression and operating costs.
  • The great attrition is impacting availability of skilled labor – such as print/press operators.  Need more automation, ease of operation, less waste and downtime.
  • Opportunity exists to improve workflow efficiencies, streamline production, and better manage profitability when you switch to 100% high-quality, variable data color printing like the IntelliJet Advantage 2200 with HP Brilliant Ink™.